Eco Camp staffThe Orinoco Eco Camp is a joint venture operated by a group of former employees from different lodges in the Orinoco Delta who aspire to offer a better alternative to the larger resorts already existing in the region.
Many resorts focus on large groups, which has unfortunately resulted in commercialization of parts of the delta without regard to the eco system and the indigenous people. The Orinoco Eco Camp offers a more environmentally friendly way to visit the delta and being tucked away on a quiet river it gives guests a more intimate and natural experience of the surrounding jungle.

We employ the local Warao natives, thereby providing them with an alternative income to that derived from illegal trafficking of wild animals, birds, and trees. Guests can visit local Warao families and buy their art and handicrafts thus directly benefiting the community, and camp excursions are carefully planned to minimize damage to the forest eco system.

redwood nurseryNursery Project

Due to the scarcity of sources of income the indigenous Warao are forced to traffic redwood trees thereby harming the ecosystem of the forest. So we have started a nursery garden growing seedlings of the endangered redwoods to be eventually replanted in the jungle. You as a guest can buy the seedlings for a symbolic price and plant them during the jungle trek. This project is managed by the Warao natives themselves and offers them an alternative way to earn their living, so that now people who previously lived by trafficking endangered species work as your guides. In this way you help to restore and preserve the local ecosystem.