First Day, in Orinoco delta

KiteOur excursion starts in San José de Buja at the edge of the delta where our boat will be waiting for you on the river. The moment you step on the boat you will have your first contact with the jungle. A half hour cruise will take you to the camp, where you will check in and can have something to eat and drink. Afterwards you will go out with a canoe to get a close up feeling for the extraordinary surroundings.

Lunch & Relax.

In the afternoon we will take a boat to go through some of the small channels in the delta to the wet land, where you will see a slightly different fauna and flora: horned screamer birds, water buffalos, herons and perhaps an anaconda.

Piranha fishing fishing (we will give you poles and bait the hooks with raw meat – and if you catch one, we will gladly prepare it for your dinner), and a beautiful sunset there with a "Cuba Libre".

There will be an optional night trip to experience the nocturnal world of spectacled caimans and snakes. This will be available before or after dinner.

Dinner & chat.


Canaima lagoonSecond Day, Orinoco delta - Canaima (Angel falls)

Early in the morning, you are taken to San José de Buja, where a taxi will take you to Ciudad Bolívar, where your trip to Canaima begins.

Canaima is one of the most alluring destinations in South America. Its natural beauty portrays a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.
The four waterfalls in the area are fed from the Canaima Lagoon, the most famous of them is the Salto Angel and with a height of almost 1,000 metres it is the highest waterfall in the world.

A short aircraft flight will take you from Ciudad Bolívar to Canaima giving you a bird's eye view of Gran Sabana. You are then taken to the Canaima Lagoon, the source of the four waterfalls and a breathtaking setting. A small boat will get you close enough to feel the sheer energy they produce. You will also be able to walk behind the impressive Sapo Falls where you can cool down and experience the power of this natural phenomenon. A trip down the Carrao River will give you a view of the flat-top Tepui Mountains, before arriving at the island of Raton where you will stay at a camp for the evening in a comfortable hammock opposite Angel Falls – the world’s highest waterfall at almost 1,000 meters high.

Angel-fallsThird Day, Angel falls

The following morning it is a pleasant 90 minute hike to reach the base of Angel Falls. Being this close to the falls is an otherworldly experience as the water gushes down straight towards you, making you fully aware you are in the presence of something truly unique.

Later, you fly back from Canaima to Ciudad Bolívar, with another bird’s eye view of some of South America’s most beautiful landscapes. If time permits there will be a short tour of the colonial centre of Ciudad Bolívar – the historical heart of Venezuela – before you fly to your next destination.

All transport including flights, taxis and boats will be arranged for you.


Included, what to bring?

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