First Day

Canoe excursionOur excursion starts in San José de Buja at the edge of the delta where our boat will be waiting for you on the river. The moment you step on the boat, you will get the first feel of the jungle. The half hour river cruise among the floating beds of bora, purple hyacinth, will bring you to the camp where you will check in and can have something to eat and drink. Afterwards you will go out in a canoe to get a first hand close-up look at the extraordinary surroundings.

Lunch & Relax.

In the afternoon we will take a boat to go through some of the small channels in the delta to the wet land, where you will see other varieties of fauna and flora: horned screamer birds, water buffalos, herons and – with lots and lots of luck – an anaconda.

Piranha fishing. We give you poles and bait the hooks with raw meat – and if you want we will gladly prepare your catch for dinner. Enjoy a beautiful sunset on the river with a "Cuba Libre".

There is the option of a night excursion before or after dinner to explore the nocturnal world of spectacled caiman crocodiles and snakes.

Dinner & chat.


HoatzinSecond Day

Early in the morning you will be woken by the calls of tropical birds twittering and howler monkeys screaming from the jungle. Coffee and tea will be served. Then you have the opportunity to go on the river in a hand crafted dug-out canoe. We will give you a paddle and a Warao pilot to accompany you in a short adventure to experience the dawning of a sunrise on the Orinoco Delta. This is the time when the denizens of the jungle prepare for the coming heat of the sun and is often the best time to observe the wildlife.


For the morning excursion, we give you rubber boots and a Warao native guide who will lead you along jungle trails to get a feeling of life in this unforgiving environment and learn how the Waraos utilize this extraordinary flora for their every-day needs. This is an unforgettable experience for those who have never been in the jungle before.

The exotic perfume of flowers and orchids overlays the pungent smells of wet earth and rotting vegetation while giant trees and creeping plants scramble upwards competing for gulps of scarce sunlight.

You will also visit the Warao community and learn all about their ancient life style. You can buy beautiful hand crafted articles made of the fibres of the Moriche palm and dried seeds.

Lunch & Relax

Your choice; fish Piranhas, explore by canoe, or just relax in a hammock.

Later in the afternoon you will return to San José de Buja.


Included, what to bring?

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