Capuchin MonkeyBetween 8-9 am: From San José de Buja to the Orinoco Eco Camp down river by motor boat. During the forty minute ride dodging patches of floating purple hyacinth, you will have the chance to spot cappuccino and howler monkeys and the bright coloured parrots, toucans, and macaws.

On arrival at the camp coffee and soft drinks are served. The guide will give a talk on the Orinoco Delta and its indigenous inhabitants. Then we take a canoe ride through the small tributaries of the river to explore the fascinating surroundings and enjoy the wild nature of the jungle and discover the fauna and flora of this region.

At noon lunch is served at the Camp.

ant-eaterAfter lunch we take a tour on the river by motor boat. During the excursion we visit the local Warao native people to get a closer look at the Warao culture and the traditional local life style of the indigenous people of this region. By the end of the day everybody will have had a chance to catch the ferocious little piranha fish.

Around 5 p.m. we return to the camp then go back up river to San José de Buja.


All transportation including flights can be arranged.

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