First Day

Red Howler MonkeyFrom the comfort of our boat you have the opportunity to observe a wide variety of flora and fauna – floating water hyacinth, pink dolphins, giant river otters, anacondas, and side neck turtles, for instance.

Along the riverbanks you will see native dwellings. On arrival at the camp you will be shown to your private rooms. After lunch you will explore the natural wild habitat of the virgin jungle in a small native dugout canoe.

When you return to the camp, you will be able to relax before dinner. You may take a swim in the river (in winter time when there are not so many piranhas) or just sit and observe one of the fabulous delta sunsets. After dinner you will enjoy the silence of the delta river and some days listen to the dolphins when they are playing in front of the camp.


tree-boaSecond Day

The next morning you will navigate the delta in search of the various species that live there - among the highlights are river dolphins and spectacled crocodile in the water, capuchin and red howler monkeys up in the dense foliage, villages of weaver bird nests hanging from the trees, and hummingbirds and kingfishers in the skies above.

After a picnic lunch in a beautiful spot in the delta, it’s back into the boats for a trip to some of the Warao villages (palafitos) that line the riverbanks in this part of the Orinoco. Your guide will explain the Warao culture and the details of the community’s daily life – a truly fascinating experience. In the afternoon before returning we will make a stop at a quiet spot in the river to pick up our dinner, fishing for Caribe (the Venezuelan name for piranhas).

After returning to camp and after another evening trip around the lagoon we will have a special dinner and wait for nightfall.


Third Day

At daybreak we will navigate the delta channels to watch and hear the the jungle wake up. This is the time of day when the animals are most active and visible. After breakfast we make another round trip to places we have not seen before and to learn all about the flora of the delta.
After lunch we take the boat back to meet our land transport. The tour starts and ends in Ciudad Bolívar, Puerto Ordaz, Maturín, or Carúpano.


The tour itinerary and program may change, depending on water- levels, rainfalls and other natural forces.


Included, what to bring?

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